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    Santa David
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    Red Suit Will Travel
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    Santa Bobby Kaufman
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    Santa Claus
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    Santa Carl
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  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    Santa from Central Texas as moved to the Gulf Coast looking for children to visit and bring them joy. Covering Harris and surrounding counties.

  • I'm the Santa in the Desert 🌵

    I'm the Santa in the Desert 🌵

    I have put smiles on so many faces these years. I just want to keep it going!! I'm ALL Santa real belly real beard and always smell like cookies and full of CHEER!! Everyday of every year.

  • Santa Jim

    Santa Jim

    You Are Right to Believe In Me. I know it is hard sometimes. There are always people who are willing to tell you there is not a Santa Claus. That I am just a story made up long ago to get children to behave. They tell you that stores and merchants trot me out every Christmas to sale toys, blenders, nuts, and other merchandise. They tell you that I do not really exist and you can see thousands of people dressed as me in stores, on street corners, and many other places just to take your money. I guess I should feel offended and angry with these people, but I really feel sorry for them instead. Have you ever noticed that it is unhappy people who attack the things happy people believe in? After all these years that is my observation, at least, and I suppose it will always be that way as long as people are unhappy. My story is a long one, going back almost two centuries when I was born around 280 A.D. , or two hundred and eighty years after what was the birth of a much more important baby, whose name was Jesus. I learned at an early age about Jesus and believe what he taught. Of course His teaching influenced my own gift giving with the philosophy of, “It is better to give than receive.” I also learned what is called the “Golden Rule” that He taught and that rule states, “You should treat everyone the same way you want them to treat you.” That is a good rule to go by because if you treat people the way you yourself wish to be treated then we would all get along much better. I know there is lots of confusion for people about me, such as how do I get around to the house of every deserving child in the whole world in one night? Or why do I have different names in different countries if I am only one person? Do elves really make the toys? Do I live at the North Pole in all that ice and cold? Do reindeer really know how to fly? I can answer all those questions but some questions I cannot answer. This is where there is a difference in illusion and magic. The difference, is simple. Illusion is when something happens that seems impossible, but it can be figured out and explained. Magic is when something happens and it cannot be understood or explained. Put simply, illusion is explained and magic is not. There is a lot of illusion in what I do, but there is also a good measure of magic, too. There are times and events I cannot explain, and those times are when I had to just accept it as magic. The real magic of Christmas is love, and that greatest joy is giving rather than getting. This is not a perfect world and Christmas is not a perfect holiday, and it will not be until all humans on this beautiful planet called Earth can live together in harmony. No single person can make this happen, but if each of us do what we can, then there is still hope that one Christmas Day we will find that gift the angels sang about on the blessed day of Jesus birth, peace on Earth, and goodwill from everyone to everyone around the world. That is enough about me for the moment and like everyone Santa has responsibilities. I hope you will allow me to come into your home, or to your Christmas Celebration and meet you in person. Remember if you do not Believe and do not want Santa to visit you I will honor that wish as I try to honor those that ask me to visit.

  • Santa David

    Santa David

    Average height, 60 years old, and have a simple (not too ornate) but beautiful outfit. Both Christmas colors are utilized with a long red coat and green pants. Also have a plaid scarf with a red base. Have been a Santa on and off for 24 years, and have even hired myself out on a few holiday seasons. Please see accompanying photos.

  • santadavid


    I am a real bearded Santa that is always upgrading my costume to make your experience the best it can be.

  • Santa


    Most folks tell us that I am like the old fashioned Coca Cola Santa,

  • Santa in Mid-Michigan

    Santa in Mid-Michigan

    I am a real bearded Santa, located in Lansing MI.

  • DFW Santa on Wheels

    DFW Santa on Wheels

    Kids look at me with amazement all year long. But when I'm in my suit, the magic of wonder comes over their sweet faces. I'm a jolly old soul with a deep voice.

  • Real Beard Santa

    Real Beard Santa

    ֍ Current background check ֍ Real Beard Santa since 2014 ֍ Preforms in the Bardic Tradition. ֍ Mrs. Claus available ֍ Servicing the Austin area

  • Santa In Bend

    Santa In Bend

    Professional real-bearded Santa Claus with 9 years of experience.