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    Santa Claus Charles
  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus
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    Santa Carl
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    Santa Bobby Kaufman
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    Santa Bob
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    Santa David
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    Red Suit Will Travel
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    Fort Worth Santa Claus
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  • Santa David

    Santa David

    Average height, 60 years old, and have a simple (not too ornate) but beautiful outfit. Both Christmas colors are utilized with a long red coat and green pants. Also have a plaid scarf with a red base. Have been a Santa on and off for 24 years, and have even hired myself out on a few holiday seasons. Please see accompanying photos.

  • santadavid


    I am a real bearded Santa that is always upgrading my costume to make your experience the best it can be.

  • Santa


    Most folks tell us that I am like the old fashioned Coca Cola Santa,

  • Santa in Mid-Michigan

    Santa in Mid-Michigan

    I am a real bearded Santa, located in Lansing MI.

  • DFW Santa on Wheels

    DFW Santa on Wheels

    Kids look at me with amazement all year long. But when I'm in my suit, the magic of wonder comes over their sweet faces. I'm a jolly old soul with a deep voice.

  • Real Beard Santa

    Real Beard Santa

    ֍ Current background check ֍ Real Beard Santa since 2014 ֍ Preforms in the Bardic Tradition. ֍ Mrs. Claus available ֍ Servicing the Austin area

  • Santa In Bend

    Santa In Bend

    Professional real-bearded Santa Claus with 9 years of experience.




  • North Sac Santa Claus

    North Sac Santa Claus

    Santa Claus is real and can help make your holiday season one to remember. North Sac Santa will create memories that you and your children will cherish forever. They will look back and think about the time the Real Santa visited them and listened to their Christmas wishes and dreams. You can help to create this magic! If you need a great over the top jolly Santa Claus to make your community event, parade, or home visit the most magical, North Sac Santa will 'Bring the Season to Life. When you need a great Santa to impress and wow, hire the most authentic one around! My calendar is already filling up! If you need a fantastic St. Nicholas, please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

  • Santa Kevin NWA

    Santa Kevin NWA

    Being Santa for all of Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding area.