How to Hire Santa Claus

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  2. August 29, 2012 10:15 pm

How to Hire Santa Claus

How to Hire Santa Claus

3 Things to Consider when Hiring Santa Claus

Which Professional Santa Claus is right for me?

1) Make sure the professional Santa Claus has experience appearing at similar events.  Some Santa Clauses specialize in home visits, others in commercial work, still others are appear mainly at malls.  Tell the Santa you are talking to about your event and what you are looking for.

2) Appearance of the Santa is very important.  Are you looking for a traditional looking Santa, a Coca Cola Santa, a real bearded Santa?  Look at pictures of Santas you are considering and pick one that you think looks great

3) Price and schedule.  How much does the Santa cost?  Is he available to appear on the day of your event?  The cost of having a great Santa Claus varies greatly. If you want the best Santa in your area, it can cost $200 an hour or more!  But generally you should expect to spend $150 or more per hour to get a decent Santa.   Scheduling is more important.  Most Great Santa Clauses start to book up early in the year, so contact a Santa as soon as you know the date of your event.

If you think about these 3 things, you will have lots of luck in finding and hiring a terrific Santa Claus for your Christmas party.  Also, find some of the best Santa Clauses for hire at







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