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  • Santa's Mischievous Elves
    Santa’s Mischievous Elves

    Jerry and Jessica are Santa's Mischievous Elves

    ♫♬ TheRealBeardedSanta™ at

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  • Santa David
    Santa David

    Physically fit, natural bearded, outgoing Santa. Very excited and enthusiastic about the Santa gig.

    Average height, 60 years old, and have a simple (not too ornate) but beautiful outfit. Both Christmas colors are utilized with a long red coat and green pants. Also have a plaid scarf with a red base. Have been a Santa on and off for 24 years, and have even hired myself out on a few holiday

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  • Santa Alan
    Santa Alan

    Professional Real-Bearded Santa Serving Most of New England

    Santa Alan is a professional, real-bearded Santa serving Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Santa Alan is a member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, an international Christmas community dedicated to keeping the magic of Christmas alive in the hearts of childr

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  • Santa visits you
    Santa visits you

    Invite Santa Kevin to your Massachusetts Christmas event

    Have your camera ready! Santa sings, shares a story or two and has a special supply of Candy Canes made by his elves at the North Pole for your children or grandchildren. Your family and friends will enjoy reliving the memories for years to come!

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