• Santa Ray
    Santa Ray

    Santa Ray

    Santa Ray is highly regarded by his clients which include non profit organizations, churches, social groups, small businesses and families.

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  • Cincinnati Real Beard Santa
    Cincinnati Real Beard Santa

    Professional real beard

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  • LJ the DJ as
    LJ the DJ as

    Home & Business Visits

    Santa L.J. has been providing Holiday Cheer & Entertainment since 2003. Along with his loud and jolly

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  • Santa Claus Dan
    Santa Claus Dan

    HO! HO! HO! A 3 for 1 deal

    New burgundy Santa outfit with suspenders, long white beard, shiny black boots and the magical keys......what every child wants....

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  • Santa Claus Jack Keller
    Santa Claus Jack Keller

    This Santa works all year long!

    Real Beard Santa. Custom built suit ready to be the most realistic Santa for your event.

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  • Santa Carl
    Santa Carl

    Santa for hire .. . in parts of Michigan, Minnestoa and Ohio

    I have been a professional Santa for over 20 years. I have done Breakfast with Santa,Home and Private Parties. Specializing in Victorian ere and traditional costumes.

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