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  • I'm the Santa in the Desert 🌵
    I’m the Santa in the Desert 🌵

    Happiness is the Smiles you don't always see!

    I have put smiles on so many faces these years. I just want to keep it going!! I'm ALL Santa real belly real beard and always smell like cookies and full of CHEER!! Everyday of every year.

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  • Santa Jim
    Santa Jim

    You are right to believe in me.

    You Are Right to Believe In Me. I know it is hard sometimes. There are always people who are willing to tell you there is not a Santa Claus. That I am just a story made up long ago to get children to behave. They tell you that stores and merchants trot me out every Christmas to sale toys, blenders

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  • Santa David
    Santa David

    Physically fit, natural bearded, outgoing Santa. Very excited and enthusiastic about the Santa gig.

    Average height, 60 years old, and have a simple (not too ornate) but beautiful outfit. Both Christmas colors are utilized with a long red coat and green pants. Also have a plaid scarf with a red base. Have been a Santa on and off for 24 years, and have even hired myself out on a few holiday

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  • santadavid

    The real bearded Santa

    I am a real bearded Santa that is always upgrading my costume to make your experience the best it can be.

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  • Santa

    Santa Claus

    Most folks tell us that I am like the old fashioned Coca Cola Santa,

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  • IdealMarket + 278
    IdealMarket + 278

    Santa Claus

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  • DFW Santa on Wheels
    DFW Santa on Wheels

    Jolly Real Beard Santa on Wheels

    Kids look at me with amazement all year long. But when I'm in my suit, the magic of wonder comes over their sweet faces. I'm a jolly old soul with a deep voice.

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  • Santa in Mid-Michigan
    Santa in Mid-Michigan

    I want to be your Santa!

    I am a real bearded Santa, located in Lansing MI.

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  • Real Beard Santa
    Real Beard Santa

    Professional trained real beard Santa since 2014

    ֍ Current background check ֍ Real Beard Santa since 2014 ֍ Preforms in the Bardic Tradition. ֍ Mrs. Claus available ֍ Servicing the Austin area

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  • Santa In Bend
    Santa In Bend

    Santa Dave Felton from Bend Oregon

    Professional real-bearded Santa Claus with 9 years of experience.

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