Santa Claus Visits - Billings, MT Area

Santa Claus Visits – Billings, MT Area

Santa Home & Party Visits in the Greater Billings, MT area

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I’ve been Santa Claus for the Christmas season for many years now. When I visit a typical home the parents or guardians will leave a large plastic weather proof bag with one small gift per child and occasionally one small gift per adult as well, somewhere near the entrance, but out of sight from anyone within the home. We wouldn’t want roaming eyes to see Santa filling his bag outside your house would we. Santa’s bag can hold only so much, so the gifts are kept small for large groups but can be larger for a few children, say for a family size of five. This is a good time to invite aunts, uncles and grandparents to your Christmas gathering and remember to have a small gift for them as well. When I knock loudly upon the door (I never ring a doorbell) an adult will have a child or a number of children answer. As the door begins to open sleigh bells that adorn Santa’s highly decorative walking stick begin to ring loudly. You can only imagine the excitement that brings as the door slowly opens to a hearty Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! and there stands Santa in all his glory. The adults have their video cameras rolling and others taking memorable snap shots for their Christmas album. Oh the excitement of it all! Santa is then assisted to a large sturdy chair where he finds a safe location for his walking stick, sits his bag upon the floor near the chair and is seated. For the duration of Santa’s visit we will sing popular songs, tell stories and have a period where anyone can ask Santa anything they desire. Then Santa has each in attendance sit upon his knee and tell him what they want for Christmas and take letters. This is when Santa gives each a candy cane. Depending on the amount of people present, say ten people, Santa’s visit is normally a half an hour or so. Now it’s time to have each come to Santa as he selects a gift from his bag and calls out their name. After a short talk, Santa picks up his bag, retrieves his walking stick and is directed to the door by the person who made the arrangements for Santa’s visit. Some hand Santa a Christmas card with the payment after all the gifts are handed out and others pay at the door as he exits the home with his hearty Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!