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Santa Jim

You are right to believe in me.

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Over 47 years of professional experience entertaining children and adults. I have worked in all types of settings, from private home visits and parties to hosting and entertaining at large formal and civic events. After years of focused effort, I have finally matured into possessing my very own real, white beard and “jelly-bowl” belly, so I am also available for print and video work year-round. I am meticulous in my attention to detail in both my clothing and personal grooming. I am an excellent communicator due to years of public speaking and theater work, and remain in-character at all times when in costume or in the presence of children.
I am great with people, outgoing and enthusiastic. I pride himself on being dependable and punctual, and I maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and personal grooming.
I am a highly motivated Santa who will greet your customers and guest in a jovial manner, and engage them in conversation for purposes of relaxing them and making their Christmas Holiday Visit a fun and memorable one. I display such a realist portrayal of this legendary Christmas Icon that I will visually and verbally exceed the expectations of your guest. They will believe that are interacting with the real Santa Claus. All answers to questions about my person are based on Jeff Guinn’s book, “The Autobiography of Santa Claus.” This way if a guest wishes to research my character I can direct them to a written document that chronicles the life of Santa Claus to date. This makes the experience more real.
My “Red Uniform” is always clean and my personal grooming is impeccable. At all times during the Holiday Season, on or off duty I embody the character I portray. I express tact, good manners, and curtesy at all times but especially when dealing with guest and associates. I prefer that associates and co-workers do not know my mortal given name, that way they cannot slip and the magic is enhanced. My skills, academic experience, age, and natural white hair and beard make me the perfect fit for the role.
During my forty seven years portraying this Christmas Icon I have learned interacting with people is the most interesting thing about being Santa. I have taken classes in child psychology and adolescent behavior. I have also taken professional acting courses and attended a Christmas Performer’s Workshop. Each year I spend months improving my character where I will be better the next Christmas Season. I am never political and if ask I simply say that, “I do not get involved in the decisions of any nation.”
The question I get ask most is why I want to be Santa Claus? When I was a child Christmas was the greatest day in the year. We did not have a lot growing up in Southern Appalachia. I do have fun memories of going to meet the “Santa Train” that rolls through Appalachia each year. The train would come through and Santa would be on the rear waving. He was the, best and in my child eyes just a little below God. Then on Christmas Eve family and friends would gather, my grandfather, father and uncles would play music, we would sing and laugh until we fell asleep. We did not have much but we had each other. Then when we woke Santa had been there. Sometimes socks, an orange, and apple, and maybe a small toy, but it was from Santa and that made it special. Santa was an important part of our holiday, but not the most important. The most important was us showing love for each other, for our family and friends. When I am dressed as Santa, I am Santa. When doing my impersonation I do not just interact with guest but I interact with the busboy, the valet, the clerks, everyone because showing that love of Christmas is contagious. I am Santa for everyone, and it is important that everyone knows they are loved. I do it because I just love it.